Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bunny Man

The Bunny Man is an urban legend that probably originated from two incidents near the town of Burke, Virginia in 1970, but has been spread throughout the Washington D.C. area. There are many variations to the legend, but most involve a man wearing a rabbit costume who attacks people with an axe.
The first incident occured in October, 1970 a couple who were visiting relatives Burke. Around midnight, while returning from a football game, they parked their car in a field to talk. As they sat in the front seat with the car running, they noticed something moving outside the rear window. Moments later the front passenger window was smashed and there was a white-clad figure standing near the broken window. Bennett turned the car around while the man screamed at them about trespassing, including "You're on private property and I have your tag number." As they drove down the road they discovered a hatchet on the car floor. When the police asked for a description of the man, on of the two insisted their attacker was wearing a white suit with long bunny ears.  The second reported sighting occurred nine days later when a construction security guard approached a man standing on the porch of an unfinished home on the same road where the previous couple had encountered the hatchet wielding man. The guard said the man was wearing a gray, black and white bunny suit. The man began chopping at a porch post with a long handled axe saying "All you people trespass around here. If you don't get out of here, I'm going to bust you on the head." The man then ran into the woods.  Both incidents were investigated by Fairfax County Police. The investigations were eventually closed for lack of evidence. In the weeks following the incidents, over 50 people contacted the police to report sighting the "bunny man."

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